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Merry Christmas!

Open Card

I was going to post this on Christmas day, and that fell pretty flat on its face, so I’m trying to make that up now. You can check the videos description for my feelings towards this.

TL:DR New Year Picture, mark my words. I promise this much.


Marina and the Diamonds – WIP

I really liked the use of colour in the photography and artwork of “Froot” (and may or may not be a fan of Marina and the Diamonds for a few years, so I’ve been wanting to draw some fanart of Marina because she is so pretty). I have also been looking for some more excuses to practice drawing faces, since I’m bad at those. Killing two birds with one stone, I’m having a go of drawing Marina.

photoMarina and the Diamonds4

It’s alright-ish. I just wish I was better at sketching, and that this laptop had enough power to record myself again. I’ve sunk three quarters of an hour into this already, and I’ve had to reduce the picture size by a factor of ten so I can work. In case you couldn’t guess, I don’t like working on a laptop.

I’ve also realised that the expression on Marina’s face in my picture in a little more harsh that the actual photo. I’ll make sure I soften it when colouring. Her face is also wider; easy to fix though, once the picture is side-by-side. On the plus side the hair is very accurate, which I’m glad for, and the actual face still looks really nice anyway. It will look very different once coloured anyway. I still like it.


Armless Telekinetic

So I found an old drawing of an armless telekinetic I drew. I swear this is from last year, but my laptop says is from the beginning of the year. Oh well. I dont even remember why I drew this.

Armless telekinetic
I’m assuming “Journey” refers to the game Journey, and not the band.

She looks kinda bright eyes and cute, so I may giver her a revamp, if I’m not too lazy. Might give me some practice drawing curly hair. I’m not terribly good at that.

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Perspective Practice – 2

Red 12.png

Just wanted to show I am still working on something. Its taking a long time to work on the same three or so pieces, even more so because I am recording this one. I’m still debating if I should change it to line less, but it would mean heavy edits of the bottom half of the picture. I haven’t even done the hair yet.

I also need a name for this piece.

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Death’s Lover

Halloween 1

I wanted to make a picture with a skull. I still need to refine it a lot as I don’t really know how to draw this angle. Not to mention skulls are not something I’ve drawn before (the skull drawing from a few days ago was after this).

This will be a fun challenge.


Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss

I started this piece after an idea I had from a song. I don’t remember what the song was though, but I remember feeling light and airy, as if a powerful but gentle breeze washed over me. I drew this in an attempt to capture that feeling.


Still Life Practice – Skull

Skull - Front

Didn’t know what to draw, so decided to pull up a random still life image and draw it. This is a rendition of a skull I found on google. Its not as good as I wanted it to be, but it’s alright for a first attempt.


Perspective Practice

Red 8TL:DR

So I’m in some kind of art zen, started developing a style, and its all pretty good.

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Foggy Forest

Forrest and stream.png

So Inktober is a bit of a downer for me, since it reminds me how bad my drawings tend to be. So to perk myself up a bit I was scrolling through youtube and came across a Bob Ross video.

To be fair, I haven’t watched it yet, but it put me in the mood to try my hand at backgrounds, just to see where my skills lie. Its not the most amazing thing I’ve ever drawn, but it was a relaxing half an hour or so. And it did help me to see what sort of instinct I have with drawings. I suppose for a first attempt it could be better; I would need to render the trees as they look 2D by comparison to the river and rocks, but its a good start. I kinda like the foggy atmosphere, hence the title.

Also, this is the first time in a while I’ve been able to use Krita (whoever allowed it to render in Direct 11 is a god, you can finally record window capture). I prefer it since I;m more of a painterly, block out figure kinda gal. I get the appeal of Medibang too, but I find sketching on it really awkward.