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Draw Everything June

I’m a week late to posting, yeah, keeping to a schedule is not a strong point of mine.

These are the poses, and one kinda finished but not really picture. I know I’ve not posted anything, and this time I don’t really have an excuse, but I am still working. Albeit very slowly. At least my whole timing myself business is working well.

Senshi Stock Challenge 1 - Shy

Draw Everything June - Bubblesviolin_pose_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2u2senshistock_poses_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2jj

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Facebook Dress Designs

I wanted to create some ideas for myself dressed in costumes reminiscent of the platforms I frequent. Facebook was first, even though I’m still building that up.Rhoda Facebook Dress Sketches.png

I’m currently on a toss up between mixing number 2 and number 1 or mixing number 1 with number 5. Most of these designs were created by opening pinterest and google, typing in ballgowns, and drawing whatever elements stuck out. It’s not a bad way of working, although constantly clicking off Krita looks weird in the video.

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Small Update

So I’ve missed three speed paints. And I’m really lagging behind on the Draw Everything June Challenge (second of 22 just started). My excuse: basically my computer keeps shutting down on me. I’ve managed a work around and I’m using another machine until I get can spare parts to fix my usual one. Might take a while though.

There will be a speedpaint either later today or Monday, depending on when I think this picture will be done, but for now, here is a preview. I’m still trying to figure this out, so these “Draw Everything June” pictures will probably be quite varied in end quality. But I’ll discuss this more in depth when I’ve finished.Preview of Shy.png