Just an occasional lurker.

Fluffy Plush


I am a beginner artist, who likes to draw and is always looking for ways to improve. I figured that a dedicated websites would be a good thing to have, and it gives me a reason to update regularly. As my tagline says, I am just an occasional lurker on social media now.

This will probably be a blog to host my artwork, and anything else I could post. I strive to post something everyday, be it a question, a new insight or (preferably) an update on some of my works. This is partially a progress blog, and it helps to motivate me.

Also usually I will stagger posts, especially works in progress, so can try to update everyday (expect a more sporadic post schedule anyway, I’m terrible at keeping a constant schedule). Sometimes I forget this, so if you see artwork that is finished, but not on a blog post; it is there, I’ve just forgotten to wait for it to upload.

You always can follow along by subscribing to my email feed, or just follow me on wordpress. I also really love constructive criticism, so please feel free to comment with flaws and point out issues with my work. Critique is one of the fastest ways to get better.

I hope you enjoy my work, and if you wish to see more, subscribe to my email list, or any of my social media. Their links are in the menu as well. Also I do try upload at least once per day (or whenever I can), as said above, so please subscribe so you don’t miss anything.


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