Art, Draw Everything June 2

Draw Everything June

I’m a week late to posting, yeah, keeping to a schedule is not a strong point of mine.

These are the poses, and one kinda finished but not really picture. I know I’ve not posted anything, and this time I don’t really have an excuse, but I am still working. Albeit very slowly. At least my whole timing myself business is working well.

Senshi Stock Challenge 1 - Shy

Draw Everything June - Bubblesviolin_pose_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2u2senshistock_poses_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2jj

Art, Draw Everything June 2

1st – Elven Archeologist

Senshi Stock Challenge 1 - Shy.pngI’m really late. Having a computer on the fritz is beginning to annoy me. However I couldn’t leave this unfinished. Please be patient, I do owe a few speedpaints. I’ll make sure to fix that.

Also this took like 6 and something hours. I can’t even check because the files are on the other computer. But one thing is for sure; it doesn’t look like 6 hours of work. Another couple of hours would have made a big difference, but too much went wrong during this piece in my opinion, although things like the little details in her corset and her hair are pretty good.

Again, if you want the diatribe, read below. Sorry, no process pictures this time; I forgot. Just recording the video was a nightmare, so if there are jump cuts, its because my old computer was shutting off on me and I lost work. In fact, its why I’m calling this finished. I still haven’t finished the other sketches, and I only have a few days to go. I will still be doing those promised videos though. I may come back to this afterwards though. Or try redoing it.

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Art, Draw Everything June 2

SailorSenshi’s June Art Challenge Intro

You can check here for the link to the contest. But long story short I want to try and see if I can improve my artwork by drawing all of these images. There will be new ones throughout the month, and I have made it a rule that I will get through all of them, through hell or high water.
Basically this will be showing my collection of all of the artwork I make for this, as well as all of the speedpaints.

That’s right, I will be posting speedpaints (not really because they are all going to be over 3 hrs if I’m being conservative, but people are unfamiliar with timelapse for art) for every single picture, even if it’s just gestural art. My youtube will definitely be gaining a new video per week schedule. And this challenge would buy me enough time to do that, as well as a massive backlog too. Hell, I may even upgrade to TWO videos if I think that the speedpaints are taking up too much time. I’ll have to think about it.

This will be on the main page so you can look through my gallery and check out all of my notes and ideas surrounding these ideas. Preferably I will only be drawing one picture, but since I will be starting three weeks late, I will really only have until the 15th of July to get this done. In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m going to have a lot of work to do. And that may include a lot of failed sketches too.

Let’s get to work!