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Naga (Old and Design) Video

I forgot to post the video last week. Sorry.

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Naga Redo – WIP 2

Still working on it.

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Naga – WIP

I’m working on a new piece, since I wanted to draw something like a Gorgon. These are the old version’s work in progress. I’ve decided this isn’t quite powerful enough. So I’ve tried designing the Naga first, just to check details; then I’ll redo this. Those pictures will be soon as well.

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Mina Arkweld

Mina.pngI uploaded this to my tumblr, but forgot to upload it here, whoops.

Mina is sort of another character I’d love to one day write about. Both her and the enigmatic Crow Master definitely occupy the same universe . Probably some DnD universe.

Her friends are her summons:

Ooma: Her defensive companion. It can’t really attack, but it stands as a monolith shield for Mina to use.

Klero: Her little bat-pig companion. It can hit enemies, but it’s most powerful attack is its tail, which it can turn into a drill.

I had actually though about this, but I had given up some years ago on account of the original idea being kind of vanilla. To be honest I think I could revamp the original idea into similar but maybe more expansive to write about. I’ll see.

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Crow Master

Since I only uploaded this on my tumblr and deviantArt, figured I may as well post this everywhere else. I made her while I was listening to Critical Role on Geek and Sundry (Go check it out, its really fun)

The Crow Master isn’t supposed to be anyone in particular, or any character in particular. She looks cool either way.

Credit to the crow image I used as reference
Edwin Butter | ShutterStock

Crow Master (Complete)

“The Crow Master is a mythical woman around these parts. It is said that getting lost in the forest is a quick way to meet your end at her pets’ hands.”

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Phoenix WIP2

Should be finished by the end of the week. Wanted a nice self banner. Probably sporadic sketches for the next couple of weeks. Sorry.Phoenix2.png

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Mermay Picture WIP2

I know its over, but I don’t have a good name yet. Plus I’m close to finishing.mermay picture 2.png

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MerMay2017 WIP

I’m a little late to the party (one day before it ends late) but I still wanted to do something for MerMay. It’s not perfect, but I will get this finished before the end of today.