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Small Update

So I’ve missed three speed paints. And I’m really lagging behind on the Draw Everything June Challenge (second of 22 just started). My excuse: basically my computer keeps shutting down on me. I’ve managed a work around and I’m using another machine until I get can spare parts to fix my usual one. Might take a while though.

There will be a speedpaint either later today or Monday, depending on when I think this picture will be done, but for now, here is a preview. I’m still trying to figure this out, so these “Draw Everything June” pictures will probably be quite varied in end quality. But I’ll discuss this more in depth when I’ve finished.Preview of Shy.png


No speedpaint today. Sorry…

Something came up, I’ve already been super busy these last couple of days and my computer has been on the blink; so I won’t have a speedpaint by the end of today. Probably tomorrow at the earliest, but definitely by Tuesday at the latest. I’m sorry if you are watching me and wondering.

I do have some speedpaints partly recorded, but they are not finished, and I hate uploading unfinished artwork to fix later.


Any recommendations

With finding books on drawing anatomy and perspective would be really useful. I want to get better at bodies in movement, but I’m a bit lost. Also books on drawing with pencils and pens would be nice.

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The Skirt Question.


Which looks better? Pencil skirt or (probably) knee length. I want the pencil, but dynamism is harder.


If anyone has a request…

…For anything like an anime character or a show, I’d love to hear suggestions. I need ideas for sketches and practice.