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Merry Christmas!

Open Card

I was going to post this on Christmas day, and that fell pretty flat on its face, so I’m trying to make that up now. You can check the videos description for my feelings towards this.

TL:DR New Year Picture, mark my words. I promise this much.

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Perspective Practice – 2

Red 12.png

Just wanted to show I am still working on something. Its taking a long time to work on the same three or so pieces, even more so because I am recording this one. I’m still debating if I should change it to line less, but it would mean heavy edits of the bottom half of the picture. I haven’t even done the hair yet.

I also need a name for this piece.

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Death’s Lover

Halloween 1

I wanted to make a picture with a skull. I still need to refine it a lot as I don’t really know how to draw this angle. Not to mention skulls are not something I’ve drawn before (the skull drawing from a few days ago was after this).

This will be a fun challenge.

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KickinSakura Desktop

Vector Wallpaper


In hindsight, I should have recorded myself drawing this, oh well.

I was messing around with Inkscape, and made both my icon, and this sweet desktop wallpaper. If you want the wallpaper, check out the link to my deviantart above.

Yeah, I’m now using this icon, since it better represents me. Plus i think it looks elegant.

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Facebook Dress Designs

I wanted to create some ideas for myself dressed in costumes reminiscent of the platforms I frequent. Facebook was first, even though I’m still building that up.Rhoda Facebook Dress Sketches.png

I’m currently on a toss up between mixing number 2 and number 1 or mixing number 1 with number 5. Most of these designs were created by opening pinterest and google, typing in ballgowns, and drawing whatever elements stuck out. It’s not a bad way of working, although constantly clicking off Krita looks weird in the video.

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Ephemeral ( without blood)
Without blood. Looks like a nice, if very dark end card)
Ephemeral (blood)
With blood, it gets darker in atmosphere

So this isn’t quite what I had in mind for a new banner for social media, but I think it’s worked out quite well regardless. I’ll still be working on the other version of Phoenix too, since that one is going quite well. Looking at this, I wonder if Ephemeral was the right name.

Here’s the video too. 4.3 + 5.1 = A whopping 9hrs 40 mins spent. And it really does look like I put that time to good use.

Yes, I’m late, but it was worth it for the end result.

TL:DR of my long analysis below the tag. There is also a details shot too. I love this picture, and am going to keep it as my banner. Also this was quite the learning curve.

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Ephemeral – Speedpaint (1/2)


I may have a lot more to say when I finish this, so that will be when I fully discuss my process and such. For now, here is the video:

Lucky, I am posting twice today.

I decided to try and fully record myself doing anything, and settled on doing a better Youtube banner, since my other one is just a piece I did a while back, and I don’t like it now. So that went a bit pear shaped, and I’ve spent only 4 and a half hours on recording this, but I haven’t gotten far with it. Either way, I need to upload on Youtube sometime, so I figured that I will post this now, and the rest on Sunday, since I should have Friday and Saturday to finish this.

Quite some improvement from my first video, eh?

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New banner WIP


Phoenix(again) sketches.png

Phoenix(again)I’ve started some preliminary sketches for a better version of Phoenix. The original piece does not sit right with me, and I want a much better banner that shows true skill. I’m still going through some refinements, but the base sketches are pretty good. You can see which one I’ve picked, but it will still need some refinement, such as a stronger, more dynamic pose, and better hair movement. The foreshortening needs to be fixed, but it is okay for a first attempt.

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I’ll call in finished for now. I wanted to draw the Phoenix, but honestly I just want this picture finished. I may go back to it later. It does look… ~okay~ with its shading, but my computer cannot handle the bigger changes, and has shut down on me twice; so this is all I can do for now. I’m not risking it not saving a third time.Phoenix1.png

So, this is what I will look like drawn, It’s an artist persona, not quite what I look like, but she looks pretty cool. Fire is sort of a cool motif, and there would have been my pet phoenix in it, but oh well. I just wanted to reassure myself that I can improve, it just takes some time. Heck, compare this picture to my original redesign picture,

KickinSakura Artist Persona(I forgot about the headband, whoops)

(And I’ve added a gold band. I dont really think it fits in this picture, and kind of regret it now.)

You can still see a vast amount of improvement, even if it does show I have a long way to go before I stop being a novice. I may make a process gif of how I did it, or perhaps just show my process. I’ve managed to make the picture a little less washed out, but you can only do so much. Plus, the fire isn’t making her skin glow in certain places, which it should be, but then again I wasn’t planning on the fire staying until after I’d shaded it, so it looks odd because the shading doesn’t match. Unfortunately, also because I am using soft light to colour my images, it showed the image as very washed out. Not a good look. I’ve managed something that looks less washed out, but now it just seems over saturated. I’ve kind of hated how the face turned out too, especially with feedback from a friend. It looks alright, or at least, not a total disaster. Its the kind of picture that went mostly right, but is still flawed enough that I just want to redo it again already. I do think it looks better than the original redesign, although that redesign was a piece of concept art and not an illustration.

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Phoenix WIP4

Still trucking along. I asked for some help with the face so it should be better, but I can’t help getting annoyed at the eyes. Oh, well, I’m just going to have to get better, aren’t I?Phoenix2.png