Art, Inktober 2017

Inktober Day 1 – Swift

Swift (Finished).png


Time taken: 3:55 hrs

My first entry for Inktober. Bit of a struggle due to its size, and the fact I really struggled for an idea that worked for the prompt.

I do like that I have at least some grasp on inking, but I really don’t know how line weight works. An it does show. I do also wish I had pushed perspective more. It would really help the sense f urgency I was going for.

I do like the bird shapes in the background. I still can’t tell if I should have draw actual birds. But I was already spending 4 hours on this, and its silly for the type of challenge to spend longer.

Art, Project Reaper

Duvari Sisters – Base Sketches

So when I was younger (and much less skilled with art) I had made a “thing” called Reaper. I can’t even remember the plot now it was so long ago. Bit all you need to know is that it sucked. So I didn’t touch it for a while, but slowly began to change the story over time. I wont post a great deal about it now, because its still only an idea, albeit a more fleshed out one now. Better to wait and keep developing it. I will however give it a placeholder name.

Project Reaper.

Yeah, really clever. Anyway, here are the three main characters. The Duvari Sisters. It’s a start on some outfit ideas. I’ll still need more research until I’m happy. The girls outfits are partly inspired by 1860s fashion. Or, at least the last two are. The first is based on something a little different, but I’ll leave that up in the air for now.

Pre SketchDuvari Sisters.png

Its not much, but if you want to see the process of this,

As far as my art goes, I am slowly beginning to improve, I guess. Its slow going though, and I need to practice lot more before I’ll be good enough to start anything right now.


[DDD_ Rumia – Midboss NonSpell and Spell] Entry

Rumia non spell bullets.png

It happened a week ago, but I will want to post this on here. I’m part fo a small group that does bullet hell videos for fun. We had a contest in which you had to replicate a Touhou midboss. This was my entry.

Art, Fantasy

Naga – WIP

I’m working on a new piece, since I wanted to draw something like a Gorgon. These are the old version’s work in progress. I’ve decided this isn’t quite powerful enough. So I’ve tried designing the Naga first, just to check details; then I’ll redo this. Those pictures will be soon as well.

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Inkscape Speedpaint

I was messing around with Inkscape, and made some nice icons. If anyone is interested, I’m happy to open commissions.


Art, portfolio, Self

KickinSakura Desktop

Vector Wallpaper


In hindsight, I should have recorded myself drawing this, oh well.

I was messing around with Inkscape, and made both my icon, and this sweet desktop wallpaper. If you want the wallpaper, check out the link to my deviantart above.

Yeah, I’m now using this icon, since it better represents me. Plus i think it looks elegant.

Art, Draw Everything June 2

Draw Everything June

I’m a week late to posting, yeah, keeping to a schedule is not a strong point of mine.

These are the poses, and one kinda finished but not really picture. I know I’ve not posted anything, and this time I don’t really have an excuse, but I am still working. Albeit very slowly. At least my whole timing myself business is working well.

Senshi Stock Challenge 1 - Shy

Draw Everything June - Bubblesviolin_pose_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2u2senshistock_poses_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2jj