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KickinSakura Desktop

Vector Wallpaper


In hindsight, I should have recorded myself drawing this, oh well.

I was messing around with Inkscape, and made both my icon, and this sweet desktop wallpaper. If you want the wallpaper, check out the link to my deviantart above.

Yeah, I’m now using this icon, since it better represents me. Plus i think it looks elegant.

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Draw Everything June

I’m a week late to posting, yeah, keeping to a schedule is not a strong point of mine.

These are the poses, and one kinda finished but not really picture. I know I’ve not posted anything, and this time I don’t really have an excuse, but I am still working. Albeit very slowly. At least my whole timing myself business is working well.

Senshi Stock Challenge 1 - Shy

Draw Everything June - Bubblesviolin_pose_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2u2senshistock_poses_by_kickinsakura-dbgc2jj

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Facebook Dress Designs

I wanted to create some ideas for myself dressed in costumes reminiscent of the platforms I frequent. Facebook was first, even though I’m still building that up.Rhoda Facebook Dress Sketches.png

I’m currently on a toss up between mixing number 2 and number 1 or mixing number 1 with number 5. Most of these designs were created by opening pinterest and google, typing in ballgowns, and drawing whatever elements stuck out. It’s not a bad way of working, although constantly clicking off Krita looks weird in the video.

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Small Update

So I’ve missed three speed paints. And I’m really lagging behind on the Draw Everything June Challenge (second of 22 just started). My excuse: basically my computer keeps shutting down on me. I’ve managed a work around and I’m using another machine until I get can spare parts to fix my usual one. Might take a while though.

There will be a speedpaint either later today or Monday, depending on when I think this picture will be done, but for now, here is a preview. I’m still trying to figure this out, so these “Draw Everything June” pictures will probably be quite varied in end quality. But I’ll discuss this more in depth when I’ve finished.Preview of Shy.png


No speedpaint today. Sorry…

Something came up, I’ve already been super busy these last couple of days and my computer has been on the blink; so I won’t have a speedpaint by the end of today. Probably tomorrow at the earliest, but definitely by Tuesday at the latest. I’m sorry if you are watching me and wondering.

I do have some speedpaints partly recorded, but they are not finished, and I hate uploading unfinished artwork to fix later.

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Ephemeral ( without blood)
Without blood. Looks like a nice, if very dark end card)
Ephemeral (blood)
With blood, it gets darker in atmosphere

So this isn’t quite what I had in mind for a new banner for social media, but I think it’s worked out quite well regardless. I’ll still be working on the other version of Phoenix too, since that one is going quite well. Looking at this, I wonder if Ephemeral was the right name.

Here’s the video too. 4.3 + 5.1 = A whopping 9hrs 40 mins spent. And it really does look like I put that time to good use.

Yes, I’m late, but it was worth it for the end result.

TL:DR of my long analysis below the tag. There is also a details shot too. I love this picture, and am going to keep it as my banner. Also this was quite the learning curve.

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Ephemeral Update

KickinSakura_Banner4.pngSo it’s not quite finished yet. Which is why I’ve taken down the post, since I’m still working on the picture, but I wrote the post as I was going along. And then scheduled it to make sure I met the deadline. And then didn’t.

I didn’t anticipate my computer shutting down on me multiple times.

I will try and have a video by the end of today, and if not today then tomorrow for sure. Even f the final product isn’t perfect, I will make sure its done.

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Mina Arkweld

Mina.pngI uploaded this to my tumblr, but forgot to upload it here, whoops.

Mina is sort of another character I’d love to one day write about. Both her and the enigmatic Crow Master definitely occupy the same universe . Probably some DnD universe.

Her friends are her summons:

Ooma: Her defensive companion. It can’t really attack, but it stands as a monolith shield for Mina to use.

Klero: Her little bat-pig companion. It can hit enemies, but it’s most powerful attack is its tail, which it can turn into a drill.

I had actually though about this, but I had given up some years ago on account of the original idea being kind of vanilla. To be honest I think I could revamp the original idea into similar but maybe more expansive to write about. I’ll see.

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1st – Elven Archeologist

Senshi Stock Challenge 1 - Shy.pngI’m really late. Having a computer on the fritz is beginning to annoy me. However I couldn’t leave this unfinished. Please be patient, I do owe a few speedpaints. I’ll make sure to fix that.

Also this took like 6 and something hours. I can’t even check because the files are on the other computer. But one thing is for sure; it doesn’t look like 6 hours of work. Another couple of hours would have made a big difference, but too much went wrong during this piece in my opinion, although things like the little details in her corset and her hair are pretty good.

Again, if you want the diatribe, read below. Sorry, no process pictures this time; I forgot. Just recording the video was a nightmare, so if there are jump cuts, its because my old computer was shutting off on me and I lost work. In fact, its why I’m calling this finished. I still haven’t finished the other sketches, and I only have a few days to go. I will still be doing those promised videos though. I may come back to this afterwards though. Or try redoing it.

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Viola -WIP

So I figured out yet another piece, without really going through some preliminary sketches first. I’m on kind of a roll. Anyway, as the title shows. this is another piece, and actually about the character you saw yesterday. I have been working on both of these, and even better, both of them have their processes recorded, so I might even have a backlog of speedpaints before you know it.

Anyway, I wanted to give her a mischievous side, and I’ve been listening to Warpaint – New Song on repeat, and ideas came pretty easily after that.