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Ephemeral ( without blood)
Without blood. Looks like a nice, if very dark end card)
Ephemeral (blood)
With blood, it gets darker in atmosphere

So this isn’t quite what I had in mind for a new banner for social media, but I think it’s worked out quite well regardless. I’ll still be working on the other version of Phoenix too, since that one is going quite well. Looking at this, I wonder if Ephemeral was the right name.

Here’s the video too. 4.3 + 5.1 = A whopping 9hrs 40 mins spent. And it really does look like I put that time to good use.

Yes, I’m late, but it was worth it for the end result.

TL:DR of my long analysis below the tag. There is also a details shot too. I love this picture, and am going to keep it as my banner. Also this was quite the learning curve.

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Alice – preliminary sketches

Alice sketches2.pngI liked the idea of a ribbon of water, so I’ve tried a few more sketches, based on some of the other sketches. Testing hand positions and the like.


Alice – Preliminary sketches

Alice sketches.pngOn one of my social media accounts I posted a picture of a character named Alice. I didn’t particularly like it, so I am having another go. you can tell how I work, crossing through designs that I don’t like, or are precursors for more dynamic ideas.