Marina and the Diamonds – WIP

I really liked the use of colour in the photography and artwork of “Froot” (and may or may not be a fan of Marina and the Diamonds for a few years, so I’ve been wanting to draw some fanart of Marina because she is so pretty). I have also been looking for some more excuses to practice drawing faces, since I’m bad at those. Killing two birds with one stone, I’m having a go of drawing Marina.

photoMarina and the Diamonds4

It’s alright-ish. I just wish I was better at sketching, and that this laptop had enough power to record myself again. I’ve sunk three quarters of an hour into this already, and I’ve had to reduce the picture size by a factor of ten so I can work. In case you couldn’t guess, I don’t like working on a laptop.

I’ve also realised that the expression on Marina’s face in my picture in a little more harsh that the actual photo. I’ll make sure I soften it when colouring. Her face is also wider; easy to fix though, once the picture is side-by-side. On the plus side the hair is very accurate, which I’m glad for, and the actual face still looks really nice anyway. It will look very different once coloured anyway. I still like it.

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Perspective Practice – 2

Red 12.png

Just wanted to show I am still working on something. Its taking a long time to work on the same three or so pieces, even more so because I am recording this one. I’m still debating if I should change it to line less, but it would mean heavy edits of the bottom half of the picture. I haven’t even done the hair yet.

I also need a name for this piece.


Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss

I started this piece after an idea I had from a song. I don’t remember what the song was though, but I remember feeling light and airy, as if a powerful but gentle breeze washed over me. I drew this in an attempt to capture that feeling.


Perspective Practice

Red 8TL:DR

So I’m in some kind of art zen, started developing a style, and its all pretty good.

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Naga – WIP

I’m working on a new piece, since I wanted to draw something like a Gorgon. These are the old version’s work in progress. I’ve decided this isn’t quite powerful enough. So I’ve tried designing the Naga first, just to check details; then I’ll redo this. Those pictures will be soon as well.

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Small Update

So I’ve missed three speed paints. And I’m really lagging behind on the Draw Everything June Challenge (second of 22 just started). My excuse: basically my computer keeps shutting down on me. I’ve managed a work around and I’m using another machine until I get can spare parts to fix my usual one. Might take a while though.

There will be a speedpaint either later today or Monday, depending on when I think this picture will be done, but for now, here is a preview. I’m still trying to figure this out, so these “Draw Everything June” pictures will probably be quite varied in end quality. But I’ll discuss this more in depth when I’ve finished.Preview of Shy.png