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Small Update

So I’ve missed three speed paints. And I’m really lagging behind on the Draw Everything June Challenge (second of 22 just started). My excuse: basically my computer keeps shutting down on me. I’ve managed a work around and I’m using another machine until I get can spare parts to fix my usual one. Might take a while though.

There will be a speedpaint either later today or Monday, depending on when I think this picture will be done, but for now, here is a preview. I’m still trying to figure this out, so these “Draw Everything June” pictures will probably be quite varied in end quality. But I’ll discuss this more in depth when I’ve finished.Preview of Shy.png


Viola -WIP

So I figured out yet another piece, without really going through some preliminary sketches first. I’m on kind of a roll. Anyway, as the title shows. this is another piece, and actually about the character you saw yesterday. I have been working on both of these, and even better, both of them have their processes recorded, so I might even have a backlog of speedpaints before you know it.

Anyway, I wanted to give her a mischievous side, and I’ve been listening to Warpaint – New Song on repeat, and ideas came pretty easily after that.


Viola – WIP


So if you follow my youtube, you’ll remember a month back I posted 1/2 of a video. This is really an update to say i am still working on this, it’s just been put on a backburner, since It was my first time in a long while trying something that resembles realism.

As you can probably guess, it dips right into uncanny valley, and I don’t particularly like it, but leaving it unfinished just feels odd. So I will be finishing this, eventually.

She looks like she is staring into your soul, doesn’t she?


Vibrant – WIP

ANOTHER SKetch.pngI’m not too sure where I am going with this, but I like this pose. May need some refinement first. I feel like something vibrant, with lots of coloured dots and bubbles. I’ll think more on this later on.

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Alice – Final design WIP

Alice1I think that this might be the best concept sketch I’ve done. Unless in a few days, I decide to do something else. For now though, I think this is the best ‘Alice’ sketch I’ve done, even though its not totally finished. Very different from the first sketch I did for this, but I’m proud that I am improving so much. i just wish it didn’t take so long.

I won’t be updating until Sunday, since I’m working on this. Hopefully I will create a backlog in the meantime. Not stressing over daily uploads may help. I might change it to every other day instead.

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Ephemeral – Speedpaint (1/2)


I may have a lot more to say when I finish this, so that will be when I fully discuss my process and such. For now, here is the video:

Lucky, I am posting twice today.

I decided to try and fully record myself doing anything, and settled on doing a better Youtube banner, since my other one is just a piece I did a while back, and I don’t like it now. So that went a bit pear shaped, and I’ve spent only 4 and a half hours on recording this, but I haven’t gotten far with it. Either way, I need to upload on Youtube sometime, so I figured that I will post this now, and the rest on Sunday, since I should have Friday and Saturday to finish this.

Quite some improvement from my first video, eh?

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Alice – preliminary sketches

Alice sketches2.pngI liked the idea of a ribbon of water, so I’ve tried a few more sketches, based on some of the other sketches. Testing hand positions and the like.


Alice – Preliminary sketches

Alice sketches.pngOn one of my social media accounts I posted a picture of a character named Alice. I didn’t particularly like it, so I am having another go. you can tell how I work, crossing through designs that I don’t like, or are precursors for more dynamic ideas.

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New banner WIP


Phoenix(again) sketches.png

Phoenix(again)I’ve started some preliminary sketches for a better version of Phoenix. The original piece does not sit right with me, and I want a much better banner that shows true skill. I’m still going through some refinements, but the base sketches are pretty good. You can see which one I’ve picked, but it will still need some refinement, such as a stronger, more dynamic pose, and better hair movement. The foreshortening needs to be fixed, but it is okay for a first attempt.

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Phoenix WIP4

Still trucking along. I asked for some help with the face so it should be better, but I can’t help getting annoyed at the eyes. Oh, well, I’m just going to have to get better, aren’t I?Phoenix2.png